My family & I are long time patients of Dr. Miller. My 2 children (now young adults), my husband, myself, and my mother, have all benefited from the care and knowledge of Dr. Miller. And whether it's been treatment for an injury, ailment, joint pain, or just maintenance for general overall health, we've all seen and felt the results of Dr. Miller's chiropractic services.

Another benefit of Rose Fitness & Wellness, is Rose herself. The varied massage treatments offered by Rose are not only therapeutic but they also work in conjunction with Dr. Miller's care in the aid of healing.

Both Rose & Dr. Miller continually expand their knowledge in their fields to do all they can to ensure their patients a healthy and pain-free life. Their genuine care & concern for our well-being has endeared them to my family.

Thanks for everything you two!

Amie Johnson & clan

God Bless you Rose,

I wear the Tens all day and I feel like a new person. Ross and I went shopping today and I didn't have to use the electric cart. I was able to walk in all the stores without pain. Oh God Bless Dr.Virgil to. Give him a big kiss for me. I haven't used the walker either. I feel like I have been free from prison. I will see you Friday and you will see the difference. Thank you again.

Love and Light

Mary Stewart

15 years ago, my daughter convinced me to participate in a class, which would be good for me. I only went to spend time with my daughter. I've always exercised but was a non-believer in Yoga or so I thought. The first night as we stretched, Rose Miller, the instructor, patiently eased me into stretching while I grumbled and moaned. I reluctantly came back for each class, but soon discovered that Yoga with Rose was changing my life.

That was then and this is now. I am in my 60's and since that first class over 15 years ago my life has changed for the better and forever. I have continually participated in her classes. I constantly encourage others to participate recognizing the positive impact that her Yoga instruction has had on my life. Because of the instruction from Rose, I have evolved from a non-believer to a resolute believer in the significance of participation in Yoga exercise in our daily lives. My day begins and ends with Yoga thanks to Rose.

To be specific, when I started her class I was in my early 40's and obese. I could not touch my toes to tie my shoes, experienced limited mobility in most activities and hurt most of the time. With Rose's patient guidance, I became flexible and pain free. I learned through her classes how to care for my body and develop a daily plan for stretching at home in addition to her classes. Rose, without comment, modified my activities and when I lost 150 pounds, she encouraged me to take advantage of my body changes and further challenge myself.

Because Rose's guidance in her Yoga instruction, I remain very flexible and active in my retirement years. I have learned through her expert guidance to be aware of the signals from my body. Over the years, when I have traveled, I have tried different yoga classes throughout the United States, on cruise ships and in resorts. I came away from those experiences realizing that I am truly blessed to have such a gifted and caring instructor who expertise extends beyond any other yoga expert whom I have encountered in over 15 year.

Barbara Hodgson

I have been a yoga student of Rose Miller's for 15 years. Her technique is excellent and her personal attention to each student is very detailed. She is always ready to help any student with postures and questions, and remembers to remind us to breathe properly! Her teaching style is very welcoming, relaxed and encouraging.

I would highly recommend her as an instructor.

Debra Yates-Davis

  • "I have been going to Rose Fitness and Wellness for over 10 years . I have been to several chiropractors and by far Dr. Virgil is the best. He takes the time to listen before he treats you and explains everything thoroughly. I had persistent tennis elbow and he treated it with acupuncture and resolved the problem when other doctors could not. The office and staff are friendly and welcoming."
    Ed Camis
  • "Dr. Miller is not just a Chiropractor, he is a Body Mechanic. I have never seen a doctor who actually CARES about your issue. Most will just ask, where does it hurt, but not Dr. Miller. He looks at the root of the issue, not just the surface. He looks at your whole system, not just your back or neck or where ever your pain may be. He looks for WHY."
    Janet Matthews
  • "More Testimonials Coming Soon!"
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